A Master Singer

Björn Bürger is 30, a baritone, already a star in the music scene – and our brand ambassador.

There are good reasons why MeisterSinger is involved in the opera scene. It is not a mere coincidence that the founder of MeisterSinger, Manfred Brassler, gave his company a “musical” name and chose the fermata as a logo, the pause sign in musical notation. It is about the ability to dwell and hold out, as the antithesis of haste and petty hurrying. MeisterSinger maintains an ensemble partnership with the Frankfurt Opera, which Brassler especially appreciates, “because it has the ability to think creatively.” And Björn Bürger has also been part of their ensemble since 2013. He’s been familiar with watches from MeisterSinger for quite some time already, and since starting to wear one himself, he has rapidly come to appreciate the principle of the one-hand watch: “My watch really changes my perception of time. It saves me the frantic fragmentation of time.” And the fermata? “It reminds me now and then that you have to develop your career with patience. Haste can only be harmful there.”

Bürger is currently rehearsing for his performance at the legendary Glyndebourne Festival in southern England. A good first occasion to talk about his work here soon, about an unusual career and his very own “rituals of time.”


Probe mit Helmut Deutsch_rehearsal with Helmut Deutsch

Portait Björn Bürger