Love of hometown meets love of watches: The MeisterSinger City Edition

Wear your hometown on your wrist – with one of 43 new town and city models.

Whether the Sydney Opera House, the Münster Prinzipalmarkt or Prague Castle – the typical silhouette of each town or city stands out on the glass back of the new City Edition watch and the case is also engraved with the name of the place and a suitable aphorism. When designing the back, MeisterSinger collaborated with jewelers from around the world in order to typify the character of each individual town or city. The City Edition includes 43 German and international places, small and large, including the Bavarian town of Füssen, cities such as Jerusalem and Sydney, and megacities like Hong Kong and Tokyo. On the front of the watch, the finely lettered “City Edition” on the gray dial shows that this particular timepiece is something quite out of the ordinary.

Where MeisterSinger was founded: the city of Münster in Westphalia with the unmistakable gabled roofs of the “Prinzipalmarkt”. (jan kranendong/

Local jewelers and their customers alike are so delighted by the small, strictly limited series that the watches are already long sold out in many places. “We were extremely surprised and pleased that our edition of ten watches was snapped up so quickly,” said watch enthusiast Peter Koch, proprietor of the company Detlef Jensen in Husum. He even bought one of the watches himself: “I simply had to have it,” he said. At Chronoshop in Prague, sales manager Veronika Kesch regrets having underestimated their high popularity and that she is unable to satisfy the demand for the Prague version. The few individual specimens were sold out within the first couple of days of going on display. Eva Niggl also noticed how customers in Munich spent time closely examining the MeisterSinger display window. The back of the Munich version is engraved with the slogan “Weltstadt mit Herz” (metropolis with a heart) and over the Swiss movement the Bavaria statue, the Metropolitan Church of Our Lady, and the Olympic Tower are clearly visible. “We have never had anything as local as this in our range – these watches are genuine eye-catchers.”

Apart from the local flair, the jewelers all agree that the success of the City Edition is also due to other factors. Ralph Prinz of Wollnitza jewelers – owner of the Füssen version of the City Edition – explains that the high-quality appeal of the dial and the manual winding feature also contribute to their popularity. Another bonus point is the design of the case – not too big for women, but just large enough for men. A further reason for the attractiveness of the City Edition is its rarity: “Any limitation has its charm,” said Udo Fastermann of Oeding-Erdel in Münster. He described the watch as “a beautiful, very well-balanced design.” MeisterSinger jeweler Christof Hieber from Munich is of a similar opinion: “It’s unpretentious and makes a great impression.”

The Sydney Opera House is the most well-known of the city’s landmarks and a “must” for the City Edition. (Taras Vyshnya/