Robust, comfortable, and indispensable – MeisterSinger’s Metris

The Metris is a dependable companion that sticks with you wherever you go – because it is so robust, easy to read, and easily handles a refreshing swim in a lake, but with its slender case, still looks great when teamed with a striped sweater. The typical hallmarks of MeisterSinger watches, the needle-shaped hand and the twin digits to mark the hours, are supplemented by a round, magnified date window in the new Metris model. The main thing that makes it different to the other models is its dynamically shaped case and its conical flanks. It has a certain similarity to the sports watches of the early 70s – and that’s no coincidence. After all, the 70s were among the golden years of mechanical watchmaking. Their engineering was so shockproof, waterproof, and energetically reliable that they could be worn for every activity without a second thought. The stainless steel case of the Metris is waterproof up to 20 bar and its oval integrates the crown protector, giving the watch added robustness.

The new Metris – a single-hand watch like your favorite jeans

Carefree in every situation

The Metris is therefore a reliable companion at all times and can be worn just as carefree and casually as your favorite jeans. With its contemporary diameter of 38 millimeters, it’s never in the way and isn’t at all clumsy, but has a strong character and always stays firmly on your wrist while swimming: “Of course it does!”

A clear indication of its suitability for recreational use is the textile strap that comes with every Metris, which is not only waterproof, but also an eye-catcher in the auditorium or the café.