Watch of the Month – Salthora Meta Black Line

A strong timepiece – What a difference DLC made


Our Watch of the Month for June is a model from the new Black Line collection: the Salthora Meta in a matt black case.

Well-known prominence dressed in jet black – the MeisterSinger Salthora Meta Black Line.

At the Baselworld, this collection grabbed almost as much attention as our first moon phase watch, the Lunascope. There is nothing new about the Black Line, neither technically nor in the case design. The only surprise is its exterior, where MeisterSinger shows a completely new side – with greater dynamism, forceful expressiveness, and nonchalance.

The impact is mainly created by the jet-black, hardwearing carbon coating on the stainless steel case. DLC – diamond-like carbon coating – is the process that makes this watch so tough. With its matt sandblasted finish, the case reflects hardly any light, absorbing it as if it were camouflaged, just like the black dial with its red highlights. By contrast, the typography in nostalgic “Old Radium” emits all the light, glowing powerfully in the darkness. Many MeisterSinger watches may have a certain instrumental character about them – but the Black Line series with its robust saddle leather strap looks like a genuine piece of equipment.

Sophisticated powerhouse

The design of the Salthora Meta Black Line is based on historical instruments.

The Salthora Meta can be a genuine powerhouse in all kinds of situations. Every 60 minutes, the digital display instantly jumps forward to the next hour with great precision, driven by the mechanism that MeisterSinger has developed especially for the Salthora: The tension required for the actuating lever of the hour disk is built up in the course of 60 minutes by a snail attached to the minute wheel, which then releases in one powerful jump to the next hour – click!

With its technical dynamism and its digital “this-is-it” display, the Salthora Meta aptly characterizes the spirit of the Black Line series. And particularly due to its uncompromisingly powerful consistency in every detail, charged with energy and the antithesis of bling, it doesn’t just look good with any leather jacket, on chunky motorbikes and anything considered masculine – but also as a pithy (and admittedly bold) contrast to a suit, as an expression of the true nature of its wearer, so to speak. Or, who knows, on a feminine wrist as a genuinely classical combination, like leather boots with a summer dress.

For personal style – or a masterfully stylish inconsistency

The black beauty can be combined in many ways.

We intend to try that out in the near future. And watch out how people react on Social Media – and on the streets. Although visitors to the Baselworld are not typical, they found the Salthora Meta Black Line “really cool”, particularly with pinstripes.

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