Watch of the Month – Urban

Summer in the city – It´s so easy

Our Watch of the Month of July is a city kid: the Urban.


Real city kids do not drive to the countryside in the summer, but stay in the city, where they find everything that is important to them.
Sunny outdoor pools, cool parks, open-air cinema, pubs and clubs, street art and visitors from all over the world.

MeisterSinger´s Urban embodies the heartbeat of the city.

Traffic jam? Sensory overload? What makes others hectic does not upset real city dwellers, as they have already learned where they want to go and what really attracts them. Even the city can educate to serenity.

And that fits the Urban: because, typical of MeisterSinger, the time is limited to the essentials. And because it also visually implements the principle of decisive reduction: In striking typography, the numbers are particularly large at 12, 03, 06 and 09 o’clock. The other hours are marked by small numbers and wedge-shaped indices that are based on the shape of the needle-hand. A clear look that makes the watch look a bit like the streetscape of modern cities – and the uncomplicated outfits of its inhabitants.

Timeless, willful, elegant – our city kid.

Of course, the Urban is powered by a mechanical movement, the Miyota Automatic Caliber 8245-A21. It comes from Japan, where concentration on the essential has long been an (craft-) art form – and is well versed in big city life. The sturdy and reliable movement has a power reserve of 40 hours.

Although city kids like it uncomplicated, but certainly not uniform, the Urban is offered in four color variants, each with a matching calf leather strap.
Enough for a small circle of friends, all of whom do not understand why one should leave the city when it is most beautiful.

Urban – the single-hand watch for newcomers


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