Rituals of Time – the MeisterSinger brand movie

MeisterSinger takes the time to celebrate the value of a pleasant custom

Our lives are interwoven with rituals – small and large, public and private. They give structure to the passage of time, marking both everyday life and those special moments. In their regular recurrence we recognize that everything is in balance – or at least not totally confused.

Some of these rituals, already familiar to our parents and grandparents, build a bridge to the past, to our heritage. Others we have developed individually – in the family, within a circle of friends, or even just for ourselves. We arrange our lives when we regularly take enough time for the things that are important to us. Whether fastening the perfect tie knot with great care or just enjoying that unmissable morning coffee, these special rituals shouldn’t be hurried and cannot be measured in seconds. In fact, they become even better and gain in value when we take the time to enjoy them.

MeisterSinger is committed to the idea that good things take time and must be approached with dedication. Our concept of single-hand watches is based on this idea, the way we make both watches and business, and the way we approach people and various topics. MeisterSinger watch aficionados know the pleasant feeling of not being hurried by time, but of creating it.

With the “Rituals of Time” campaign idea uppermost in our minds, we have now made our own new brand film. Whether the ritual of washing the car on a Saturday, the last minutes before a big stage performance, or the moment when the balance wheel and the movement combine – the MeisterSinger brand is explained in a nutshell in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. For a glimpse behind the scenes, we have recapped the best moments of the film shoot for your benefit.


Main actors: Our most beautiful watches are illuminated in the workshop
Rehearsal: A master of watch making rehearses and prepares himself for just a few seconds of film
Was squeaky clean after filming – the Beetle convertible, ready for the Saturday cleaning scene
A trip out in the countryside – hard work for the cameraman
Ritual of Time: A final moment of ritualized peace before going on stage
Under the glare of stage lighting, timing is essential – the “on the way to the stage” scene
Film shoot completed: Project manager Jelle Spexgoor and director Damian Scheepers from Ebbers Media
Even more beautiful when keeping time: The MeisterSinger MSH01 movement
How it all began: Founder and designer Manfred Brassler draws the first lines for a rotor on the automatic movement
Time for the family, away from office and job, filmed in the original location

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