Eclipse in the sky – full moon on the Lunascope

Moon phase watch and lunar eclipse unite


On Friday, July 27, 2018, provided the sky was clear, we had a rare opportunity to witness the enchanting sight of a copper-red full moon, as the longest total eclipse of the moon in the entire 21st century was visible in the night sky. For almost two hours before midnight, the full moon was completely immersed in the shadow of the earth and took on a copper-red color.

Eclipses are the result of celestial interplay between the sun, the moon, and the earth. In a lunar eclipse, the earth is positioned in a straight line between the sun and the moon – the full moon dips into the shadow that the earth illuminated by the sun casts into space: An extraordinary natural spectacle.

Calm and precise

Moonlight over the single-hand watch: The new Lunascope.

Another extraordinary thing is the large depiction of the moon on the dial of the Lunascope, which portrays the moon phases with astronomical precision. Seen astronomically, it takes exactly 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds from one full moon to the next. In the world of watchmaking, this length of time is frequently rounded down to 29.5 days. The moon phase display is then controlled by a cogwheel with 59 teeth (for twice 29.5 days), moving forward by a full step each day – and is wrong by an entire day after three years. The Lunascope, however, is far more precise, as the controlling wheel has 135 teeth that divide the movement of the lunar disk into lots of small steps, causing the moon to glide smoothly (instead of hopping) across the sky.

Copper-red spectacle in the sky.

That celestial event was lasting a total of 103 minutes. Only on June 9, 2123 will there be a lunar eclipse that is three minutes longer. The good news is that the wearer of a Lunascope doesn’t need to worry until then, as the wheels in the MeisterSinger’s moon phase only need to be adjusted for the first time after 128 years.

The Lunascope is available in two different versions; with a bright silver or with a blue dial.



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