Watch of the Month – Neo Plus

Striking understatement – Watch of the Month in October

Neo Plus owners are often asked about the watch they’re wearing – the best reason to make it our Watch of the Month.

Wearers of MeisterSinger watches are used to answering questions time and again, the main one being, of course, why their watch only has one hand. Sometimes they are also asked whether the large window at 12 o’clock shows the date. With the Neo Plus, however, people are less likely to cast a bewildered glance at the unusual time-keeping principle. Their “let me see it” has much more to do with the shape and color of the watch. Actually, its greatest quality is its understatement, as its slender bezel, the gently domed hesalite glass, and the Helvetica numerals give it more of a, let’s say, functional elegance. Like its sister, the Neo, which is four millimeters smaller, it looks a little like a design from the 1950s, a time when avant-garde designers emphatically abandoned all pomp and ceremonial frippery and reduced product designs to their essential form. This rigorous omission, of course, demands a great deal more creativity than simply embellishing a design with ever-greater adornments.

The Neo Plus embodies the spirit of classical modernism with its narrow bezel, curved hesalite crystal, and Helvetica numbers.

And above all, it also requires originality. Many of the products designed in the 1950s are still popular today, such as Scandinavian “Mid Century” teak furniture. The Neo Plus was created in the same tradition, although with a 40-millimeter diameter its format is highly contemporary. In graphic terms, too, it features new highlights with its circular date disk, for example, which contrasts with the dial, or the new steel-blue dial with gold-colored numerals.

“Let me see it!”

Classical modernism combined with the leisurely experience of a MeisterSinger.

The stainless steel case of the Neo Plus features a relief finish on the back, is water-resistant up to 3 bar, and a Swiss-made automatic movement ensures high-precision functionality. And perhaps the velour watchstrap, designed in colors to match the dial, is also responsible for wearers time and again hearing: “Let me see it!”

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