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Anyone who wears a City Edition 2018 watch knows what is important to him.

It is a truism that a watch says a lot about its wearer, as it not only tells you the time, but also something about the person’s sense of style, possibly a penchant for high-quality craftsmanship – and with single-hand watches their independence from the daily humdrum of life.

For an observer with a trained gaze, this is easy enough to see. MeisterSinger City Edition watches, however, conceal another affirmation, very discreetly on the back – a reminiscence of a place that is particularly close to the heart of the wearer. The 2018 Edition covers 58 of these places, from Neuss to New York, from Delhi to The Hague. Together with MeisterSinger, jewelers have developed versions that remind their wearers of where they come from.

Tribute to the Spanish metropolis: "¡De Madrid al cielo!"
Tribute to the Spanish metropolis: “¡De Madrid al cielo!”

Opening a conversation

In many cases it will be their current home, the place where they have chosen to live. But it could also be their place of birth, with which they feel a lifelong connection. Or a destination they feel drawn to again and again, a place of longing. Most people who wear pilot’s watches are not pilots and the City Edition is not a civil register, but more about spirit and character, about what’s important to you. And what you perhaps share with others. The dial of this limited edition – except here the classic No.03 has a circular date window with a magnifying glass – features the fine “City Edition” lettering. It could well open a conversation about the meaning of the watch and where its owner feels at home. In the 2018 versions, this does not have to be a city at all; it can also be a country and its culture, such as the Portugal version, which is reminiscent of fado and features a stylized guitar. And the clock for the “Round Table International” points more to a spiritual homeland than a tangible one.

The Portugal city edition is reminiscent of the Fado with a stylized guitar.
The Portugal version is reminiscent of the Fado with a stylized guitar. A style of music that has its origins in the slums of Lisbon.

Concentrating on the essentials is just as much a part of the MeisterSinger concept as dispensing with petty haste. However, if you want to purchase a watch that will always remind you of your favorite place, you might have to hurry just a little, as all 58 versions of the City Edition are limited to a few pieces – and that’s why their owners will certainly find them all the more precious.

MeisterSinger City Edition 2018