Watch of the Month – Circularis Automatic

New watch based on great tradition – Circularis Automatic “Old Radium”


Yes, indeed – this watch looks cool. And of course that would have been enough to declare the Circularis Automatic our Watch of the Month in August. But of course it has a lot more to offer than other watches.

The Circularis models are among our premium watchmaking products. Their movements were designed by Swiss specialists according to MeisterSinger specifications.

Because a single, long hour hand must be especially precise, it requires a design with a dual minute wheel that minimizes the play of the hand. The MSA01 has a rotor winding mechanism with a circling tungsten weight that supplies the two barrels with energy while  at the same time offering a clear view of the unique movement geometry. This unimpeded view is also safeguarded by delicate skeletonizing of the rotor, which resembles the fermata in the manufacturer’s logo and the movement’s fine decorative cuts, which has already won a Red Dot Design Award in the hand-wound version. The MSA01 is technically state of the art and its finish refers to the watchmaking tradition on which it is based.

A "Meister"-piece of unique geometry - the MSA01.
A “Meister”-piece of unique geometry – the MSA01.

Finely matted and dignified yellowed

And this is also the case with the new version of the Circularis Automatic. With the finely matted steel case all and the luminous color on the numerals and hand, which seems to have dignified yellowed, it is reminiscent of the historical measuring instruments that have always inspired the MeisterSinger collection.

The strong saddle leather strap also matches the design concept of this watch; “Vintage” is embossed on its underside.
Of course, this can only be read by those who put the watch to their wrist. Viewers of the watch, especially those who are not familiar with high-quality mechanics, simply think: yes, indeed – this looks cool.

A beautiful, high-performance timepiece: The Circularis automatic with a tungsten rotor and date display.
A beautiful, high-performance timepiece: The Circularis automatic with a tungsten rotor and date display.

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