Watch of the Month – Salthora Meta

Not like the others


With its powerful jumping hour, the Salthora Meta is a commitment to mechanical watchmaking – and our Watch of the Month.

Typical for MeisterSinger watches is the single, long hand that rotates around the dial taking twelve hours to move all the way around. The company follows historical models here – the one-hand clocks that have shown the time at a glance on church towers and early pocket watches ever since the Middle Ages. The introduction of the second hand – the minute hand – made the information complicated. We may be used to it, but reading the time from two hands is a real combination task. Also because they both mark the time between the full hours at different speeds, which means they basically show the same thing twice.

The Salthora Meta is a commitment to mechanical watchmaking.
The Salthora Meta is a commitment to mechanical watchmaking.

Single minute hand

The one-hand watches from MeisterSinger have always been unambiguous; they show the time to a precise five minutes and, in fact, even more accurately than this. But they are also ideal for summarizing the time: “It’s almost half past nine” or “quarter past twelve.”

This single-handed watch that is different from all others shows the individual minutes – and even the time in-between: the Salthora Meta. As the hand shows the minutes and the hours are shown in a window at twelve o’clock and then jump with lightning speed after sixty minutes rather than gliding on, this display also corresponds to our way of expressing the exact time in words: “It’s eight twenty, eleven forty-five …”

Powerful and precise technology combined.
Powerful and precise technology combined.

Too fast for the human eye

People who formulate the time so precisely will get special pleasure from the jumping hour of the Salthora Meta. Because this display does not only look unusual, it also features very special technology. MeisterSinger wanted to use a very precise and lightning-fast jumping hour rather than a slowly moving hand, which is why the Salthora’s mechanism was specially developed. The tension required for the actuating lever of the hour disc is built up by a snail attached to the minute wheel in the course of an hour. Hence, power is not withdrawn suddenly from the mainspring barrel, but continually, which only influences the workings to a minimal degree. The complexity of this process is not visible on the outside of the watch. But it can be guessed at from the hour jump, which is much too fast for the human eye to follow. And it can be heard: there is a quiet, yet clear “clack.”

The jumping hour - a mechanism that is bound to impress.
The jumping hour – a mechanism that is bound to impress.

The Salthora Meta may be less well known than its younger, much sportier sibling, the Salthora Meta X. Reduced to the motif of a jumping hour and a rotating hand, it not only goes with a leisure outfit or outdoor activities, but also with a suit and at a conference table. With its striking case and unusual geometry, it makes a statement there: a commitment to precise time display and mechanical watchmaking.

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